Cider Made with Fresh, 100% Handpicked Ontario Fruit.

Tucked away paradise exists. It's what we call Eden Grove where we harvest only the most desired fruits to savour.

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Our Ciders

Perfect Pear Cider

Refreshing dry flavour with a slight tartness. All hand-picked Bosc & Bartlett pears create the perfect pairing. Gluten-free and Vegan friendly.

Hibiscus Blossom

Gluten-free and Vegan Friendly. Made from 100% handpicked Ontario apples and kissed with floral hibiscus.

Zero Sugar Apple

Only 120 calories per can with soft apple notes and a hint of vanilla on the finish.

At Eden Grove, we're passionate about one thing: great cider.

Fresh fruit and patience are at the heart of all Eden Grove ciders. Our ONTARIO apples and pears are handpicked, freshly pressed, and slowly fermented for truly refreshing flavours that let each fruit shine. Each year’s harvest is a little bit different but through careful blending, we strive to deliver delicious, fresh, and stunning ciders that you can enjoy all year long. GLUTEN FREE. VEGAN FRIENDLY