Our Story

We're passionate about one thing: great cider

Our journey began as friends kicking back on a hot summer day. We wanted to create deliciously refreshing radlers that reminded us of some of our favourite cocktails and most importantly weren’t too sweet. Alas, Moi Radler’s were born in 2019! Bubbly & refreshing, each one of our Moi Radlers will help you sip away those long summer days or even as part of a homemade cocktail. Check out our recipe section for more.

Our Name

Why do we call ourselves Eden Grove? It's our inspiration and commitment to mastering the art of cider.  There's no more special place to for us to hold true than the Garden of Eden - the perfect paradise that eludes us all. When we close our eyes we can see it: and within this garden is a special grove where only the most delicious and delectable fruit awaits the harvest.